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"My MSX" folder setup

The "My MSX" folder setup is a (for now) tiny tool to register and enable the "My MSX" folder for MSX emulations and related tools.
All developers are free to support the "My MSX" folder, which does also permit product-specific subdirectories. If enabled the "MSX" folder is created within the "My Documents" folder and uses the basic layout as shown below:
Folder contents
Folder MSX Base folder.
   Folder MSX computers This directory contains the definition of various MSX computers.
   Folder MSX media Contains MSX media files, such as ROM-, disk- and/or tape images.
   Folder MSX save state Contains the save state files of various MSX emulations.
   Folder Settings and data Contains persistent data, like CMOS and SRAM.

  • the full specification of the "My MSX" folder is part of the "My MSX" folder setup, which is available on the download-page!
  • Since "My MSX" folder setup v0.02 Windows Vista is fully supported!
    (this is by means of Look&Feel and the renamed base-folder. Vista was supported in the initial version too).
  • The program is provided as Microsoft-Installer package. Registered folders will not change on de-installation.
MyMSX folder
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