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Disk-Manager is designed to maintain disk-images for MSX-Emulators and other systems. This beta-version supports:
Important: since Disk-Manager v0.12 an installer is available! Therefore it is required to unregister an older version (v0.11 and earlier) of Disk-Manager before installing the new version.
You can unregister previous Disk-Manager releases by executing UNREG.EXE, which is part of the new release.

Caution: users of MSX-diskettes should keep their original disks write protected! If the Disk-Manager, Windows-Explorer or any other Windows program reads data from copy-protected MSX-Disks the data on these disks may be irreversibly destroyed (applies to Windows 95/98/ME)!
This problem is not caused by the Disk-Manager, but:
More information can be found on the web-page: "Understanding Disk Volume Tracking".

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